The horrors of plastic pollution are slowly being realized by the general public in the UK and the rest of the world. Over the years, plastic has become an integral part of the economy. Providing cheap packaging and storage solutions, plastic has been adopted by almost all major businesses across the globe. It takes thousands of years for plastic to degrade. Thus, it takes up a lot of space on landfill sites and the ocean floor, polluting the environment. The excess waste created due to plastic has caused a global environmental crisis, and it is up to us to contribute towards a greener environment. In our daily activities, we have come to depend on this near-indestructible synthetic material. The fast-food you purchased yesterday was sold in plastic packaging. Even electronic equipment like laptop, mobile phones, chargers, etc. have plastic components in them. It’s not that plastic has always occupied such a huge part of our daily lives. During the last six decades, plastic production has gone up from 1.7 to 300 million tonnes per year and the most alarming fact is that almost all the plastic products from all these years still exists on Earth. All that plastic is leaking toxic chemicals that are harming the ecosystem on a great scale. The dangers of plastic pollution are immediate, visible, and obvious.
What is the big deal with eliminating plastic? Most of the plastic we use in our daily lives are not recyclable and non-biodegradable. Hence, most of it ends up in the natural environment in the form of waste. Only 9% of all the plastic used all over the world is recycled. The rest ends up in the rivers, and from there, into the ocean. Up to 90% of all the waste on the surface of the ocean is plastic. This contamination of the ocean floor by plastic has serious environmental, health, and economic implications. Small plastic particles have become a part of the underwater food chain. Zooplankton ingests these small plastic particles, and then end up inside big fishes. Humans ingest these plastic particles too when they eat the fish. Plastic is causing serious harm to aquatic life, with some fish species suffering from infertility and brain damage. Pictures of plastic straws stuck in the bodies of marine animals have recently gone viral on social media. The plastic litter on the ocean floor form swirling patches which most developing island nations have to deal all by themselves.
The economics of plastic Since plastic is cheaper than metal, glass, and wood, it is used by businesses who wish to reduce the total overhead cost. But plastic is cheap when one only considers the cost of production. If we consider the cost the society and the environment has to pay, then plastic is really quite expensive. These costs, known as external costs, are not always considered. But several public policies are now being introduced to bring such costs into the light. Several governments are considering placing a high tax on the mass production of plastic to encourage businesses to switch to eco-friendly materials. It is the responsibility of the consumers as well, to reduce the amount of plastic they procure from third party sources. The UK saw an 85% drop in plastic bag usage last year after a 5 pence fee was introduced for non-recyclable plastic carrier bags. How to live a plastic-free life There are so many ways we can contribute towards a better future by avoiding single-use plastic in our day to day life. While it is not possible to completely eliminate plastic from our lives, they are small things we can do that can make a huge difference in the long run. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by carrying your own bag while going out shopping. Bags made out of canvas and jute are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.
Plastic bottles are one of the main sources of water pollution and you should avoid them as much as possible. Much energy is expended in extracting, bottling, and shipping the bottled water. You are better off using a reusable bottle made out of stainless steel, that is completely safe, and leach no harmful chemicals into the water, unlike plastic. Most takeout places give your food in plastic containers, which is bad for your health as well as the environment. You can carry your own reusable container to the takeout place and request them to use your container instead of a plastic one. You can get a stainless steel mug and use in while traveling instead of getting a coffee in a single-use plastic cup. Drinking straws are single-use plastic as well and make up a large portion of the plastic waste in the ocean. They can be replaced with eco-friendly bamboo straws. Everyone loves to have pizza, but have you noticed that some restaurants serve pizza with a little plastic table on top? These are single-use plastic that can end up on the ocean floor. So next time you are ordering pizza, you can ask them not to put that piece of plastic in the middle of your pizza.
Do you know most of the imported stuff you buy from the market cost a lot of energy to produce, package, and ship? You can choose to buy vegetables and fruits at the local farmer’s market instead while carrying your own reusable bag. Most of the bread you buy is often wrapped in airtight plastic packaging, but you will find many small local bakeries selling bread without plastic bags. You can carry your own cloth bag which will keep the bread fresh. All traditional toothpaste comes in plastic tubes that cannot be recycled and thus adds to the already overwhelming amount of plastic waste. Instead of using these, you can go for toothpaste tablets, which come in reusable glass jars. By using these toothpaste tablets, you can keep your teeth healthy and the environment clean at the same time. How Evlure can lead to a healthy environment? We at Evlure believe that it is our responsibility to ensure a safe and secure living environment for the future generations and we want to do our part to make this world a healthier place to live in. We are an everyday essentials brand committed to providing our customers with daily routine items made using eco-friendly, plastic-free, and sustainable methods. Our main product is “Toothy Tabs”, the eco-friendly toothpaste tablet which is free from plastic. By using these toothpaste tablets, you are opting for an eco-friendly personal care routine. You are doing your part to ensure that you do not pollute the environment with plastic, while keeping your teeth beautiful and healthy. These toothpaste tablets are a greener alternative to traditional toothpastes. These tablets are cruelty-free, plastic-free and produce zero waste. These toothpaste tablets can be used by all age groups and are pocket-friendly as well. By switching to Evlure’s Toothy Tabs, you will contribute towards a greener environment. Through our combined efforts, we can eliminate single-use plastic from our lives and reduce the amount of plastic waste produced. By choosing eco-friendly products such as Toothy Tabs, and recycling as much as possible, we can ensure better future for our Earth. Take the first step towards a greener and cleaner environment. Get Evlure’s Toothy Tabs today!